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Surfing in Peniche Portugal

What is surfing?

Over the years surfing has been described in so many different ways, everyone has their own perspective resulting from that personal experience that, without exception, always leaves a special impression, as in so good you want more and more. Much more than just a sport, it’s safe to say Surfing is quite a flawless lifestyle.

Location, location, location…

The only catch here is that you need waves. Well, guess what? The Ocean Ferrel Surf Camp is located at the best place to surf in Europe, and one of the best in the World, which is the county of Peniche, Portugal – widely recognized as the Surf Capital of Portugal and a true Mecca of Surfing. Peniche is located at the western extremity of a peninsula of the same name, meaning that it’s almost an Island, surrounded by surfspots, that work at almost any given swell and wind direction, making for consistent conditions to learn and practice surfing all year round. And as they say, practices makes perfect!

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  • Quality (of service)… over quantity

    approved by worldwide surfers

    In Surfing, many times it only takes one good ride, one good wave to make a session memorable and get that smile that seems to last forever. But before and after surfing there are other special moments to be had, and those result from the service quality of Ocean Ferrel Surf Camp. With limited vacancies we guarantee the attention you deserve and consequently feel necessary to ensure you are taken care of, because it’s your vacation, and therefore you deserve the best! To honor the preference amongst the other Peniche area surfing camps we promise a family like environment, where you don’t get lost in the crowds and actually get to know everyone, many times creating friends for life.

    flexible accommodation options

    We welcome you to our brand new accommodations situated in the charming village of Ferrel, where the beach and the countryside meet for a mix of sensations just outside our doorstep. 3 bedrooms and a suite, all of them decorated with the love and caring of who aim to receive not tourists, not clients, but friends.

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  • Ocean Ferrel

    more than 20 years of surfing experience

    Managed by two surfers, and great friends, with more than 20 years of experience, the Ocean Ferrel SurfCamp came together because of this love and dedication for the surfing lifestyle that changes everyone that comes across it. The peninsula of Peniche in sunny Portugal is surely one of the top places in the world to learn how to surf, and by far the best in Europe, so come join us and experience the magnificent feeling that only surfing can give. Let these two, experienced local surfers (along with the rest of the staff), help you enjoy the best Peniche has to offer, live up the surfing dream!

    it´s not just about surf you know?

    Of course, let´s face it, you will come for the surfing experience. You want a taste of freedom on the top of a surfboard and that´s why we are here for. But our unique location allows you to take some other routes of fun and relaxation while you are staying with us. Go for a run or for a bike ride and discover the soft and rural sceneries of Ferrel countryside with lots of roads and paths by the sea to choose from. go for some wine tasting in the nearby vineyards. We will take you for a tour to Óbidos, a glorious medieval town awarded by the UNESCO or Nazaré and it´s world-renowned big wave surfing spot.

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Client Testimonials

  • anya-anisimova

    Anya Anisimova

    Thank you Ocean Ferrel Surf Camp for incredible surf-summer in Portugal! Тhank you For my new passion and new friends 😉
    This is was best 10 days, full of amazing experience, I loved to have a breakfast and run, i loved to morning exercise and my heavy big board, i loved each wave what i met on my way. I loved Rui for charisma and for his teaching to believe in yourself. I loved Pedro for his professionalism and for “This is Pedro!”. I loved Patricia for her support and charm, Franka for her passion and energy! I loved Zoia, she forced me to achieve my dreams come to Peniche, ours conversations and jokes. I loved each person in camp, who was with me in that days – guys you are nice, dont forget this, and paddle!!! ) Your’s smile give me the energy each morning, your success was my. And finally Portugal took my heart, i loved Peniche, surfing and ocean, i lost myself here and find. I believe, this is beginning of something amazing and something awesome in my life!

    p.s. Ocean Ferrel Surf Camp – this is priceless…